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Fun Facts


To find out some interesting ďJana Trivia,Ē read on.  More to come!!!

Favorite Movies:

I love Anne Of Green Gables and Anne Of Avonlea, both of which are based on books written by L.M. Montgomery.  They are an absolute must-see!  I warn you, though:  Theyíre potentially addictive, especially if you are into ďchick flicks.Ē  I also love newer classics, like Simon Birch and Mr. Holland's Opus.  I enjoy a good comedy, like Liar, Liar or Father Of The Bride, too.  

I've recently become a HUGE fan of all of the stage plays and movies written by Tyler Perry.  Tyler's portrayal of Madea, an African-American Southern grandmother, is absolutely hilarious!  Not only are these plays and movies funny, but they also always contain a message of forgiveness and hope that is found in a relationship with Jesus Christ... And since He's my best friend, I love it when somebody produces quality entertainment that honors Him!

Favorite Authors/Books:

I have always loved to read, particularly romantic and historical fiction.  Iím a sucker for a good story!  At the moment, my favorite authors are Brock and Bodie Thoene (Iím reading their Zion Covenant series right now), Penelope Stokes (The Blue Bottle Club is great!), and Judith Pella (I love the Russians series), but that could change as soon as I read my next book.

Favorite Singers/Musicians:

I love all kinds of music, but I guess contemporary Christian music is my first love.  Iím not a songwriter, but I really enjoy listening to artists who write some of their own songs.  Ginny Owens is one of my favoritesí her CD's are The Best!  (Ginny is also a good friend of mine, but go ahead and buy her CD anyway.  Iím not prejudiced or anything, honest!)  I also enjoy listening to Gary Chapman (another good friend whose CDís are great, but donít take my word for it Ö Go buy his CDís, too!), Chris Rice, CeCe Winans, and Phillips, Craig, and Dean Ö just to name a few.  

While watching all those Madea plays, I was introduced to a new favorite, Tamela Mann... De girl can Sang!!!  Her CD is truly anointed.  Tamela's husband, David Mann, plays Mr. Brown in all of Tyler Perry's plays, and he can sing the roof off as well. :)

Favorite Food:

Letís see, thereís chocolate Ö and then thereís chocolate Ö Then again, thereís chocolate, DARK chocolate, preferably, but Iíll take it any way you give it to me!  (I know, itís a girl thing, I canít help it.)  I do love other kinds of food, too.  Actually, I love almost any kind of food... Thai, Chinese, Italian, Mexican, gourmet, Arby's... So itís hard to narrow it down to just a couple of favorites.  Just depends on what day it is.

Favorite Soft Drink:

Iím a Coca Cola girl myself.  Dr. Pepper is okay, too.  Most of my friends have become fond of "Jana Cocktails" when they visit my house.  Now, donít freak out about the cocktail part.  A Jana Cocktail is actually a combination of Sprite or 7-Up and whatever type of fruit juice I happen to have on hand at the moment.  Those combination juices from Tropicana and Ocean Spray make GREAT Jana Cocktails!

Favorite Things To Do For Fun:

I love to surf the Web when I get the chance; Iím amazed at all the information that is out there for me to read.  Iíve already mentioned my love of reading, and reading stuff on the Internet ties right in with that.  I love going to movies (Yeah, blind people enjoy that, too!) and attending live theatrical productions.  Traveling to new places is exciting for me, particularly when I get to stay long enough to enjoy myself a bit.  In October of 2004, I went on a seven-day cruise to the eastern Caribbean with a group of Christian singles from all over the U.S.  I went by myself... Didn't know a soul, but I had a great time!

I love going to new restaurants; the more unusual, the better!  While I donít necessarily consider myself to be an athletic person, I do enjoy being outdoors, taking long walks around my neighborhood or in a park somewhere.  I also love swimming and horseback riding.

Favorite Blind Moment:

Oh, yes, I definitely have them... and I can't believe I'm actually gonna tell you about one of them! <LOL>  Just keep this between us, okay?

Not long ago, I was the worship leader for a conference at a Christian rehab center in Middle-Of-Nowhere, Georgia. :)  It had been a very busy weekend, and I was functioning on almost no sleep.  My friend Kellie and I had adjoining rooms, so after I had gotten ready on the last morning of the conference, I opened my door to say Hi and see if she was ready.  Thinking that I was lookin' all cute, I stood there with my hands on my hips and a big grin on my face, and I said, "Girlfriend, are ya ready to go?"  She said she'd be ready in a minute, and we kept talking, but I noticed that Kellie seemed a bit distracted.

Finally, she couldn't stand it anymore, and she said, "Girlfriend, what have you gone and put on today?"  I started feeling less confident about my appearance, and I said rather weakly, "My green outfit... I think."  Between peals of laughter, Kellie explained that I was wearing my pretty mint-green sweater with a pair of periwinkle-blue pants that I had packed by mistake!

I pulled myself together and said, "Well, thank God I brought my new black velvet pants."  I went to get them, and Kellie doubled over again.  Turned out that the pants I thought were black were candy-apple red!  Believe it or not, I did make it to church clothed and in my right mind... Thank God for friends who won't let you walk out the door lookin' like a hot mess! <LOL>

Favorite Scripture:

Definitely Proverbs 3:5-6: ĎTrust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.  In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths.í  Itís easy to acknowledge that God is who He says He is when things are going our way.  Itís much harder when weíre forced to deal with situations that are beyond our understanding.  This is a hard Scripture for me to embrace sometimes, but God is faithful to keep teaching me to see Him in all of my struggles as well as my victories.


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